Information on Faculty Invitation

Open Recruitment Information

Information on Faculty Invitation

Open Recruitment Information

Open Employment of Full-time Faculty

Application Period
  • Application Period : 2020. 8. 26(Wed) 09:00 ~ 2020. 9. 9.(Wed) 17:00
Guidelines for Faculty Recruitment
  • Qualified candidates should register their applications in S.K.K.U Pool System (Click "Faculty POOL").
  • 「Faculty Pool」 can be opened on every multi browser but we recommend using Microsoft Explore or Google Chrome.
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교수 정시채용 분야(영문)
School Major Field Personnel
home College of Confucian Studies and Eastern Philosophy
Confucian Studies, Eastern Philosophy Korean Philosophy
The department of Confucian Studies, Eastern Philosophy and Korean  Philosophy, Sungkyunkwan University invites applications for a tenure-track position in Korean Philosophy and Korean Confucianism. Applicants should be excellent researchers in Korean  Philosophy and Confucian studies, broadly construed and especially, in its philosophical tradition and be able to produce high quality peer-reviewed publications. The department seeks to invite candidates whose research is firmly based on careful textual analysis. The successful candidate is expected to teach courses on the history of Korean  Philosophy, Korean Confucianism, readings of Confucian texts, and the like.
home College of Liberal Arts
Korean Language and Literature Digital Korean Language and Literature
① 초빙분야 개요
  제4차 산업혁명과 AI 환경의 도래, 한국어·한국문학 및 한국문화 학습에 대한 세계적 수요의 급증 등 21세기적 변화에 대응하여, 디지털 기술 리터러시를 매개로 한국어문학 연구·교육을 선도할 인재 초빙

② 지원자 요구능력
  - 국내 혹은 국외 관련 분야 Ph.D 소지자
  - 디지털 국어학 또는 디지털 한국문학, 디지털 한국문화 분야의 연구 업적 우수자
  - 외국인을 대상으로 한 한국어문학 교육 경력이 우수한 자
  - 기존의 국어학, 국문학 학문 분야와 융합 연구 능력을 갖춘 자

③ 임용 후 담당 교과목
  - AI 언어분석론
  - 빅데이터 언어분석 실습
  - 테크놀러지와 현대문화론
  - 디지털 한국어문학 연구방법론
  - 고전문학 빅데이터 분석 실습
home College of Liberal Arts
English Language and Literature Syntax
① Overview
Tenure-track faculty position in the area of English syntax

② Qualifications
- A Ph.D. in English syntax or a related field
- A solid research record in the field of syntax and potential to pursue scholarly activity at a high international level of excellence 
- Teaching skills required to successfully perform the duties at both undergraduate and graduate levels and

③ Courses required to teach
- English Syntax 
- English Grammar 
home College of Liberal Arts
History Ancient Korean history
① Overview

The Department of History is seeking applications for a faculty member in the field of ancient Korean history which examines periodical aspects of politics, the economy, society, culture, religion and ideas, and explores their processes of change and respective roles in Korea’s historical development. 

② Qualifications

The candidate is expected to have an excellent capacity to research ancient Korean history, the educational ability to properly communicate to students the history of ancient Korean times, and the ability to communicate positively with neighboring  disciplines.

③ Courses required to teach

The successful candidate is expected to teach “Korean ancient history,” “The Thought and the Culture of Ancient Korea,” “Introduction to Korean History,” and “A Study on the States of Three Kingdom History.”

④ Others

Not applicable
home Graduate Program
Department of Social Entrepreneurship and Humanistic Future Studies Humanistic Future Studies & Social Entroprenurship
1. Overview
  Based on research on cultural philosophy, exploring issues of the future society, especially the future problems of work and job, smart cities, etc. that will emerge as a digital transformation of the Fourth Industrial Revolution from a humanitarian perspective, and educating social innovators who have this awareness of problems and seek realistic solutions.

2. Qualifications
  - Expertise in the Philosophy of Culture
  - Expertise in the humanistic future studies
  - Expertise in the method of the working group to promote the collaborative creativity

3. Courses required to teach
  - Philosophy of Culture and Social Innovation
  - Theory and Practice of Working Group
  - Humanities and Business Administration
home Department of FinTech
Department of Fintech Fintech
① 초빙분야 개요
  경영학과 재무/금융 전공과 핀테크융합전공에서 강의와 연구를 담당할 교원을 임용하고자 합니다.
  성균관대 핀테크융합전공은 2020.9월 신설되어 금융, 데이터사이언스, AI의 융합학과로 BK21 Four 사업에 선정되어 핀테크 분야의 전문인재를 양성하는 석/박사 과정을 운영하고 있습니다. 특이 이 학과는 AI Finance 분야의 교육과 연구를 개척하는 선도적 역할을 할 것입니다.

② 지원자 요구능력
  - 재무/금융, 통계학, 산업공학 등 핀테크 관련 분야 Ph.D 소지자
  - 금융, 통계, AI 등의 융합 연구와 교육에 관심이 있거나 경력이 있는 후보자
  - 핀테크 관련 분야 취/창업을 준비하는 석사과정생을 잘 지도할 수 있는 후보자

③ 임용 후 담당 교과목
  - 금융통계학
  - 투자분석
  - 파이썬 프로그래밍 등
home College of Science
Biological Sciences Metabolomic Biochemistry
① Overview
The Department of Biological Sciences at Sungkyunkwan University invites applications for a tenure track position to begin at March 2021. The Department wishes to attract highly qualified candidate with interests in metabolomic biochemistry of biological sciences. The successful candidate will demonstrate innovation in addressing fundamental questions in the metabolome biochemistry using battery of biochemistry, metabolomics, and related bioinformatics techniques.

② Qualifications
Applicants must have a Ph.D and minimum three years of postdoctoral experience. We especially encourage highly productive, distinguished junior or senior scholars who will provide leadership in establishing a program of national/international repute in his(her) metabolome biochemistry in biological research at Sungkyunkwan University.

③ Courses required to teach
The candidate is expected to teach courses, depending on his/her research fields oriented for
biological chemistry (biochemistry), biochemical experiment and/or related course(s) at the
undergraduate level and metabolome biochemistry-related courses at the graduate level. 

④ Others
Independent leading of his/her own creative research at Sungkyunkwan University; excellent scientific
communication skills required for research collaboration and team-teaching of undergraduate and/or
graduate level courses.
home College of Science
Mathematics Applied Mathematics
① Overview

    Our department has strong motivation to raise students to become strong in solving problems for Science, Industry, and Society, based on firm mathematical ability. Specifically, we build up students with mathematical techniques such as modelling and computations which appear importantly in Science, Industry, and Society.   

② Qualifications

- Ph.D in Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Statistics, or related area with strong mathematical background
- Capability of teaching subjects for applied mathematics 
- Strong research capability in applied mathematics

③ Courses required to teach

   - Applied Mathematics
   - Probability and Statistics
   - Topics in Industrial Mathematics

④ Others

   - Applied Mathematics contains Altificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Control Theory, Optimization,         and Cryptography where mathematical understanding is important for developing softwares in these       areas. We hope to hire an expert in applied mathematics with strong research capability. 
home College of Science
Chemistry Analytical Chemistry
The Department of Chemistry at SKKU has a vision to educate undergraduate/graduate students to be a "Global Academic Frontiers", and is pursuing for creative convergence chemical sciences. 
The Department of Chemistry at SKKU invites a highly qualified candidate for a tenure-track faculty position in the field of analytical and related chemistry. Candidates should have a Ph.D. in chemistry or in a related field, a record of excellence in their research, and a commitment to teaching at the undergraduate and graduate levels in English. Candidates also should demonstrate their ability to develop their own excellent research teams as well as to collaborate with other faculty members. 
The successful candidate will teach some courses related to quantitative analysis, instrumental analysis, advanced analytical chemistry, etc., in undergraduate and graduate levels. 
We plan to be a world top 50 chemistry department with a most qualified candidate. 
home College of Information and Communication Engineering
Electronic and Electrical Engineering Robot control & system
① 초빙분야 개요본 로봇제어시스템 분야는 로봇공학과 제어공학의 융합 성격의 전공분야로서 AI와 함께 4차산업혁명의 핵심인 지능형로봇의 다양한 교육 및 연구영역을 다루는 분야임. 기구학과 동역학, 제어이론을 공통 기반으로 모델링 및 시뮬레이션, 작업계획, 로봇센서 신호처리 및 로봇영상처리, 주행 및 조작 제어, 위치인식과 지도작성, 등의 기술연구와 융복합 교육을 하고 있음. 

 ② 지원자 요구 능력- 국내 혹은 해외 로봇제어시스템 관련 분야 Ph.D 소지자- 로봇제어시스템 관련 분야 탁월한 연구 업적- 로봇제어시스템을 위한 융합적, 체계적인 전문 교육이 가능한 자- 본 학문 분야의 연구 및 교육에 대한 글로벌 경쟁력을 갖춘 자

 ③ 임용 후 담당 교과목- 기구학 및 동역학- 로봇공학- 지능형로봇 캡스톤 등
home College of Computing
Software Information Security
① Overview

The department aims to foster global leaders in computer science and engineering. We seek for a full-time tenure-track professor who is distinguished for research and education in Information Security.

② Qualifications

Applicants must have a Ph. D degree in computer science and engineering, and excellent teaching skill in English. 

③ Courses required to teach

- Information Security
home College of Engineering
Chemical Engineering / Polymer Science and Engineering Chemical Engineering Process
① 초빙분야 개요
성균관대학교 화학공학/고분자공학부는 화학공학 관련 분야에서 국내외적으로 괄목할 성장을 지속하여, 2019년 QS 세계대학 평가에서는 화학공학 분야 35위를 달성하였습니다. 본 학부는 기존의 전통 화학산업 및 에너지/환경/나노/바이오/디스플레이 분야 등에서 필수적으로 요구되는 화학공정과 관련된 기술 개발 및 인력 양성을 통하여 국내외 경쟁력 향상을 위한 노력을 지속하고자 하며, 이를 위하여 화학공학 공정분야에서 연구 업적이 탁월하시며 학부 발전에 함께 참여하실 수 있는 우수한 인재를 초빙하고자 합니다.

② 지원자 요구 능력
 - 화학공학 관련 분야 Ph.D. 소지자로써 화학공정분야에서 탁월한 업적을 보유하시고 영어 강의 가능하신 분
 - 임용 이후에 화공열및물질전달, 분리공정, 화학공장설계, 공정해석및장치설계, 전달현상론, 공정최적화,  이동현상론 등의 교과목 강의가 가능하신 분
home College of Engineering
Advanced Materials Science and Engineering Advanced Materials Science and Engineering
① Overview
School of Advanced Materials Science and Engineering conducts world-leading research and education with the aim of leading the field of materials science and engineering through training leaders and practical experts in the field.

② Qualifications
- Ph.D in related fields
- Excellent research achievements in materials science & engineering or related fields
- Those who can provide comprehensive, convergence and systematic professional education in materials science and engineering
-Those with global competitiveness in convergence research and education in this Materials Science and Engineering

③ Courses required to teach
Graduate and undergraduate courses in Materials Science and Engineering 

④ Others
Our school  is committed to recruiting excellent faculties, globalizing research capabilities, and building a global education/research network to make another leap forward as a global leader in materials science and engineering.
home College of Engineering
Systems Management Engineering Management of Technology
1. Overview
  Technology & innovation management will be boosted by national policies on accelerating technology commercialization, and corporate R&D efficiency pursuit. Seven Graduate School of Management of Technology in Korea is fiercely competing to secure the leading position. As a leader in this field, we should recruit a top expert in this field.

2. Qualifications
  - Ph.D in Management of Technology or relevant fields including industrial engineering and management.
  - Publications (at least or more than three SSCI-indexed papers over last three years)
  - Education experience or capability to teach courses including Technology Management, Technology Commercialization and others.
  - Global talent

3. Courses required to teach
  - Introduction to Technology Management
  - Technology Management
  - Technology Commercialization

4. Others
  - Our graduate school of Management of Technology will get annual 500 million Korean won as by 2025. It will be supported by Ministry of Industry & Trade in Korea. To secure a competitive advantage against our rival schools, we need an excellent talent in our school.
home School of Pharmacy
Pharmacy Pharmacokinetics and Applied Clinical Pharmacy
① 초빙분야 개요
  약물동력학 및 임상응용 분야는 임상에서 올바른 약물의 사용과 처방설계를 위해 필요한 약물의 흡수 대사 분포 배설과 같은 약물동력학적 지식과 질병에 대한 이해, 약물의 작용기전과 용법, 용량 그리고 부작용 등의 임상적 응용 기반의 약물치료를 교육 연구하는 학문분야임.   

 ② 지원자 요구 능력
- 관련 분야 Ph.D 또는 Pharm.D 소지자
- 약물동력학 및 임상응용 분야 관련 교육 및 연구 업적 우수자
- 약물치료 및 임상약학 관련과목 교육이 가능한 자
  - 국제어 강의가 가능한 자 

 ③ 임용 후 담당 교과목
- 임상응용 관련 교과목 (약물치료학, 임상약리학, 임상약물동력학 등)

 ④ 기타 사항
  약물동력학과 약물치료학을 포함한 임상약학은 약학고유의 분야로서 약학교육과 약학연구에 반드시 필요한 핵심 분야에 해당함.다. 이에 본 학과에서는 해당분야 우수교원을 충원하여 임상역량을 갖춘 우수약사 배출과  글로벌 수준의 임상연구 업적을 도출하고자 함.
home College of Biotechnology and Bioengineering
Food Science and Biotechnology Food Engineering (Basic or applied areas) or Food Hygienics(Chemical Toxicity)
 1. Department of Food science and Biotechnology at SKKU invites applicants for a tenure-track faculty position.  We are seeking candidates with expertise in one or more of the following areas: Food Engineering (basic or applied areas including food processing) or  Food Hygienics(Chemical Toxicology)

2. We are seeking highly qualified candidates who demonstrated research and teaching excellence in the related fields of Food Engineering or Food Processing. Candidates should have average of 2 SCI(E) papers as a first author or a corresponding author for the last 3 years (since 2017.01.01.).

3. Successful candidate will teach 'Food Engineering' / 'Food Preservation' or 'Food hygienics'/'Food toxicology'/'Food hazard management'.
home School of Medicine
Medicine Anatomy/forensic medicine
① 초빙분야 개요
성균관대학교 의과대학 의학과는 글로벌 경쟁력과 보편적 인성을 갖춘 의사와 의학연구자, 그리고 교육자를 양성하여 우리나라 의학발전을 선도하는 것을 목표로 하고 있습니다. 다양한 의학 분야 중, 인체의 구조와 기능을 연구하는 해부학과 인체의 구조와 기능을 기반으로 사람의 사인(死因)을 밝히는 법의학은 의학 분야의 필수불가결한 기반이라고 할 수 있습니다. 최근 연구 성과의 사회적 응용이 활발하게 이루어지고 있는 해부학과 법의학 분야에서 연구와 교육에 글로벌 경쟁력을 갖춘 전임교원을 초빙하고자 합니다.    

 ② 지원자 요구 능력
 - 국내 혹은 국외 M.D. 또는 관련 분야 Ph.D 소지자
 - 해부학, 육안해부학, 체질인류학, 법의학 등 관련 분야의 연구 업적
 - 해부학과 법의학의 이론 및 실무 전반에 대한 포괄적, 융합적, 체계적인 전문 교육이 가능한 자
 - 본 학문 분야의 융합 연구 및 교육에 대한 글로벌 경쟁력을 갖춘 자.

 ③ 임용 후 담당 교과목
 - 해부학
 - 조직학
 - 신경해부학
 - 발생학
 - 법의학
home SKKU Institute for Convergence
Biomedical Engineering Non-human primate systems neuroscience
① Overview
One tenure-track full -time faculty position at the Biomedical Engineering department in Sungkyunkwan University is open. We are seeking excellent candidates in the broad area of systems neuroscience using non-human primate or rodent models for investigating circuit-level brain mechanisms of sensory, motor, memory, social cognition, affection, and/or other cognitive systems. A potential candidate should demonstrate solid research and outstanding publication records, and is expected to establish independent, top-class research laboratory with extramural research funds and to teach undergraduate and graduate courses. Since this position is closely related to the Center for Neuroscience Imaging Research, it is preferable to have synergistic research lines utilizing neurophysiological recordings, optical imaging or fMRI.

② Qualifications
Ph.D. in related fields
Excellent publication records in related fields
Capable of teaching undergraduate and graduate classes
Mentoring graduate students
Demonstrated superb research ability for investigating circuit-level mechanisms in the brain
Preferable to have experience in non-human primate research

③ Courses required to teach
Systems neuroscience / computational neuroscience
Research methods for systems neuroscience
home SKKU Institute for Convergence
School of Convergence [Teaching professor] Database and Big Data Management
① Overview
We invite candidates with outstanding research and educational passion and achievements in the fields of big data management to join our department. Successful candidates should have in-depth understanding in both the traditional database management system (e.g., RDBMS) and big data management (e.g., NoSQL, Cloud Computing, etc.).

② Qualifications
   - PhD in Computer Science/Information Science/Data Science or related fields
   - Should be able to teach in English and Korean

③ Courses required to teach
   - Relational Databases, NoSQL Databases, Cloud Computing, Data Science Capstone
   - Campus-wide AI-related courses

④ Others
   - Candidates who have led real-world big data projects are highly recommended.
home Graduate Program
Department of Intelligent Precision Healthcare Convergence Advanced Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine
① 초빙분야 개요
  본 학과에서 생체재료 분야 첨단 조직공학 및 재생의학 분야에서 독창적인 연구주제와 탁월한 연구능력을 보유하고, 융합 및 협동연구시대에 맞춰 생체재료, 줄기세포공학, 3D 바이오프린팅, 인공장기, 조직체외모델, 면역치료 분야와 융합하여 새로운 연구 분야를 개척하실분을 초빙하고자 함

② 지원자 요구 능력
  - 관련 연구 분야 박사학위 소지자
  - 관련 분야에 우수한 연구업적을 보이며 독창적 연구 수행이 가능하신 분
  - 다학제간 공동연구, 산업체 협력 및 중개연구에 기여할 수 있는 분
  - 융합연구에 대한 글로벌 경쟁력을 갖추신 분

③ 임용 후 담당 교과목
  - 조직공학, 줄기세포공학, 생체재료실험

④ 기타사항
  초빙된 교원은 본교 양자생명물리과학원 및 삼성융합의과학원에 Joint Appointment로 긴밀한 연구 협력이 가능하며, 삼성서울병원과 연계하여 첨단 조직공학의 중개연구 및 임상 적용을 활발히 진행할 분을 초빙함